Receiving Love.

I spend a lot of time thinking about things- marriage, parenting, relationships, faith, my career, mankind…you know…pretty much anything- I think about it. I think that I think so much that my brain is just programed to generate ideas and thoughts and store them for future conversations. I know what I think and I think about what I know and want to know.

I’m repeating a lot here for affect. This morning something happened to me that caused me to feel infinitely loved and appreciated by my daughter. I was cleaning, as I always am- it makes for the best thinking- duh, and she asked to help. She does chores and cleans up after herself but this was different- she volunteered her time to me. On the surface, I thought basic thoughts- “she’s so nice”, “she will make such a great wife” – I mean adult 😊 and so on. Then I  processed this event  a little more. I realized that this was a true opportunity to teach my beautiful daughter about relationships. It is a learned skill after all.

So I took a few brief minutes, all that was needed, and told her how much I appreciated her helping me. I explained that when the people I love take time to help me and or do things for me that I actually feel loved. I had tears in my eyes and she focused on my words. She caressed my face and told me how much she loved me. She walked away into the living room. A few minutes later she said “mommy can you play with me- I love when you do that and I deserve that too”. So we played together and loved together. True story.

Relationships are about giving and receiving. We can teach others how to love through our kindness, through example but also with direction. This does not just apply to the parent-child relationship. Love is the highest frequency. Spend some time in recognition of those who love you, let them know that you feel love when they do certain things. Relish in the incredible feeling that is generated from gratitude.

MONDAY MANTRA: I seek opportunities to share my gratitude and love with others.

COMMITMENT: I live in the frequency of love and gratitude.

*close your eyes, breathe in your nose (to the count of four) and then out your mouth (to the count of four) and say to yourself: Even though I am struggling I completely and totally accept myself. Repeat this three times.


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