Are you saying yes or no subconsciously?

That is such a great question to ask yourself. If you’re honest and especially if you haven’t done a lot of mindset work than more often than not you are saying “no”. Mindset work is the efforts that some put in to their daily life to shift their perspective. Some people are aware of their thoughts. Some are so aware that at times they can not only vividly hear their conscious thoughts but they can also block the “no” thoughts. Mindset work also involves learning to understand yourself so well that you are in tuned with your subconscious mind.

Let’s first talk about the conscious mind- thoughts that come to us in real time. I want you to in this moment assume full and total responsibility for your conscious thoughts. Acknowledge to yourself “I am the master of my thoughts”. Now take a moment to let this sink in- breathe this in- close your eyes if you are able. Take a deep breath and repeat three times “I am the master of my thoughts”. Now with this new found responsibility or maybe you think you’ve always thought this but unfortunately you haven’t taken the time to acknowledge it, we can move on to discussing what you will do with your power.

Let’s focus on the thoughts of abundance (positive) -vs- lack (negative). When you assume responsibility of your thoughts you are better able to filter the thoughts. Thoughts of abundance are thoughts that you allow which acknowledge your right and ability to create a life that is fulfilling for you. If you’re thinking abundance is money, yes, yes it is but it is not just money.

Side note- if you are uncomfortable with money or believe that “money is the route of all evil” but also wonder why you don’t have more money or if you will ever have more money (more=enough to do what you would like to be able to do, whatever that may be) then wahlah my friend- refer to your thoughts for the answers.

Some examples of thoughts that you can start saying to yourself which focus on abundance are:

I am increasingly confident in my ability to create the life I desire.

I take chances to make changes.

I send out a positive signal of expectation.

When you have thoughts that are of lack, are negative and do not create feelings of gratitude, acknowledge the thought and consciously dismiss it. Sometimes it will be necessary to actually say (in your mind or out loud) STOP! Then remind yourself of the affirmation phrase “I am the master of my thoughts”. Then use a replacement phrase ie thought of abundance. Then move on- absolutely absolutely do not dwell on the fact that despite being the master of your thoughts, you had a thought of lack.

Your subconscious mind is where the magic happens. This is the place in us that maintains our self-esteem, our self-worth. Your conscious mind trains your subconscious mind. Or is it your subconscious mind trains your conscious mind? Does it really matter? Not really. Good, we’re on the same page. Stay with me here. All you need to remember is that there are thoughts that come to you in real time and then there are thoughts that your mind thinks behind the scenes. Train your mind to be so good, so on its game that you can trust the behind the scenes to have your back.

Some examples of thoughts that you can practice (daily) to train your subconscious mind are:

I am happy and grateful to be receiving.

I enjoy life.

Life is easy and good.

Thoughts of gratitude are gold! Gratitude is what so many people are missing. Practice gratitude daily. Acknowledge aspects of your life that you are truly grateful for and aspects that you know you should stop taking for granted. Make a list of everything that you are grateful for and commit to read the list as often as possible until it because natural for you to practice gratitude!

MONDAY MANTRA: I create a life that aligns with who I really am.


*close your eyes, breathe in your nose (to the count of four) and then out your mouth (to the count of four) and say to yourself: Even though I am struggling I completely and totally accept myself. Repeat this three times.


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