Guided Meditations

Meditations are a powerful tool for managing difficult emotions. You can meditate actively- in a quiet place either silently or with a guide or you can meditate intentionally throughout your day with simple short pauses to center yourself. When you meditate you provide yourself with the space to heal. Sometimes the needed space is long(er) and sometimes that space is short(er). Meditations are not a quick fix to the healing process and while meditations work for some people they may not work for you or maybe there will be times when meditation is just what you needed and other times despite your efforts it is not. Tune in to your own needs, lean in to the place of awareness that your body and mind needs and allow yourself to follow through. Meditation is a great companion tool to prayer, mindfulness, gratitude, affirmations and journaling…just to name a few.

Below you will find quite a few guided meditations that I have made. Please help yourself! I hope you find them beneficial.