A little bit more…

What makes counseling work? Or if it doesn’t work, why doesn’t it?

Counseling is a place to facilitate change. A counselor is a change agent. The goal of therapy is to help clients make decisions and clarify feelings so that they can solve presenting problems. A counselor is trained to give guidance and to advise. A client chooses whether or not to implement the direction and feedback provided in to their life.

I believe that the majority of people are capable of change. I also believe that the majority of people who are capable of change have to first take responsibility for their contribution to the struggle. While you may not be responsible for the pain you have experienced you are responsible for recovering from it.

In counseling I focus on helping people to understand their emotions, address emotional myths, use mindfulness and un-mindfulness for emotional regulation, practice letting go and working on relationships.

Understanding emotions- asking yourself “what do I feel and is this a thought or a feeling?”

Emotional myths- asking yourself “what is the purpose of what I’m feeling and why do I feel this way?”

Mindfulness- active awareness without judgment

Un-mindfulness- distress tolerance and acceptance of undesirable emotions without focusing on the distress

Letting go- letting go of resentment and pain

Working on relationships- most issues and challenges in life are related to relationships